Best Welding Gloves– Guide & Reviews

Do you weld at work or in your garage or shop on weekends? No matter how much you weld, anyone who does it knows that after your hood, your gloves are the most important piece of equipment you wear.

Finding a good MIG or stick welding glove can be difficult sometimes. You often have to sacrifice feel or protection, and it’s hard to find a glove that has the perfect level of both for your individual taste. Thicker gloves offer more protection and last longer, but they can be difficult to handle tools and to generally work in.

Thinner gloves provide better feel and are easier to work in, but they tend not to last as long, and can’t take as much heat. Lucky for us, there are a ton of different welding gloves available on the internet today at great prices.

In order to find the best welding gloves on the internet, I performed hours of research to find the best quality gloves at the lowest prices. I then narrowed the list down to the top five pairs of welding gloves. Here are the five best, in no particular order, with a short review on each pair:

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Recommended Best Welding Gloves

1.WELDING GLOVES by US Safe Sparks

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These welding gloves by Safe Sparks are blue leather with an extra layer of brown leather on the palm for added durability and padding. Here are their best features:

 addition to protection from heat, flame, and sparks, you want your new welding gloves to be comfortable. 

These gloves feature a full inner lining that’s soft and comfortable so your hands can keep working all day long.

Many customers noted that these gloves were extremely comfortable, and that the liner stayed in place and worked well even when the gloves got wet. If you want some comfortable welding gloves, these are among the best.

Pure Cowhide Leather

Leather quality matters. You want welding gloves that offer the highest level of protection and durability to go with it. For the best gloves, you need the best leather. These gloves are made from 100% pure cowhide, which is recognized as the best material for fire resistance, comfort, and toughness. The best gloves are made from the best materials, and cowhide is definitely what you want.

​Kevlar Stitching

​In the past, welding gloves universally used cotton stitching. It worked reasonably well, but the stitches were usually the part of the glove that failed first.

Grinding and welding sparks tend to pick on the weakest link, so the stitching always tended to give out way before the glove material. These days, glove manufacturers have changed the game.

They are now using Kevlar stitching to make these gloves, which is a material that provides superior strength, heat resistance, and durability.

When buying your new welding gloves, be sure to look for Kevlar stitching.Comfortable lining, quality cowhide leather, and Kevlar stitching make these welding gloves a good choice at a great price.

2.US Forge 400 Welding Gloves Lined Leather

DEWALT DWE402 4-1 2-Inch 11-Amp Paddle Switch Angle Grinder

If you do production welding and go through a lot of gloves, these blue leather ones from US Forge are an ideal choice for you.

Like all of the best welding gloves, these ones are made with good-quality leather. This leather has been tanned, treated, and dyed blue, so it’s more soft and supple than you’re probably used to. This means that these gloves are comfortable and easy to work in from the get go. Additional leather is provided in the palm area for extra heat protection and padding.

Cotton Lined

For the most comfortable feeling glove possible, these welding gloves are built with a soft liner made from 100% cotton. Not only is cotton flame resistant, it’s soft and breathes well, so it’s the best material to use in your new welding gloves. Get your welding done while your hands stay cool and comfortable in these 14” welding gloves.

Lock Stitching

When you compare gloves based on price, these ones are among the most affordable. Part of what makes them that way is the use of standard cotton thread stitching, instead of Kevlar.

These gloves might not last you as long as some more expensive ones, but if you take care of them they’ll give you plenty of work. The lock stitching is doubled up on these gloves, so they’re not about to fall apart with light use.

These are sturdy, well-built gloves.People always say you get what you pay for, but with these gloves you get a little more than what you pay for.

3.Lincoln Electric KH641 Leather Welding Gloves

DEWALT DWE402 4-1 2-Inch 11-Amp Paddle Switch Angle Grinder

These grey leather gloves from Lincoln are a solid, no-frills choice for a welding glove. Plus, since they’re from Lincoln Electric, you know they’ll do the job.

These welding gloves are another good choice for those people who must provide their own at work. The leather used for the KH641 glove is better quality than you get with those gloves the contractors supply. That means that your comfort and protection while wearing these gloves is much better.

You’ll love how these gloves are thick where you need them to be, and thin for feel as well. A long history in the welding industry is plain to see with these gloves.

Long Gauntlets

Anytime you’re welding or grinding, you don’t want those sparks or hot slag to get down inside your shirt sleeves.

That’s why welding gloves have gauntlets on them. Overall, the KH641 gloves are a full 13 ½” long, which should cover most of your forearm and keep those hot intruders out. Once again, the design of these welding gloves is impeccable.

​Welted Seams

​To keep a large portion of the stitching internal, these gloves feature welted seams. In fact, you can’t see any of the double lock stitching anywhere on the outside of these gloves! No exposed stitching

is always a good thing when you are considering the durability of a welding glove. This style of glove construction is preferred, but sometimes there are defects internally that reduce comfort.

As much as they try to standardize production, it seems that each and every pair of welding gloves is different, no matter who makes them or what they’re made from.Great design and materials make the Lincoln KH641 a good choice if durability is your main concern.

4.Lincoln Electric Traditional MIG/Stick Welding Glove

DEWALT DWE402 4-1 2-Inch 11-Amp Paddle Switch Angle Grinder

The K2979 welding glove is made from Lincoln also. It comes in a great looking black leather with red accents and flames on the gauntlets that look pretty cool.

​Lincoln calls the material they use for these gloves shoulder split cowhide. This leather is the good stuff, and it’s the kind you want on your hands when you’re working hard all day. 

The leather used in these welding gloves has superior heat resistance, but it still moves well and provides a positive feel for your hands. You’ll love the quality of materials used in this glove.

Sock Lining

​To keep your hands cool and comfortable, Lincoln uses their sock liner in these gloves. The material is cotton, but it’s a tightly woven material comparable to socks, so it’s smooth and comfortable to the touch. When you slide these gloves on, your hands will be in heaven.

​Kevlar stitching

​As a higher end welding glove, Lincoln chose to use Kevlar stitching on the K2979. This may seem unnecessary to some, since the fully welted seams leave no stitching exposed, but the fact remains that Kevlar stitching lasts much longer than cotton.

When you combine welted seams with Kevlar stitching and premium leather, you’ve got a high-quality glove that should last you a while without abuse.

If you want some welding gloves that you can keep in your shop for awhile, these are a great choice.

5.Miller 263343 Arc Armor MIG/Stick Welding Glove

DEWALT DWE402 4-1 2-Inch 11-Amp Paddle Switch Angle Grinder

These beautiful black and blue welding gloves from Miller just might be the most comfortable stick welding gloves ever created!

One of the biggest drawbacks of wearing welding gloves is that it’s difficult to grip anything. That’s usually because the gloves are so thick and stiff that you can’t bend your fingers. Miller has found an answer to this issue. 

The fingers on the Arc Armor gloves are pre-curved, so grabbing on to tools, pipe, or your stinger is a breeze.

The pre-curved fingers also make these gloves more comfortable, so the result is a win-win. Easy grip and superior comfort are what these gloves are all about.

Double Layer Palm

Whether it’s resting on your work or the welding equipment is getting hot, additional protection is a good thing to have on the palm of your hand. Miller gives you what you need with an extra layer of split leather on the palm of these gloves, double stitched with Kevlar so it all stays together. For that extra level of protection, choose the Miller Arc Armor gloves.

​Wool Back

​A nice feature these gloves have that most don’t is an insulated back. Often while welding, you need to rest the back of your hand against something to steady yourself, and that something is usually very hot.

Miller provided these gloves with a wool insulation layer to protect the back of your hand even when resting on hot surfaces, so you can keep laying those beads down.

Forward thinking features and superior construction make the Arc Armor welding gloves from Miller one of the best MIG or Stick welding gloves ever made.

Final Words

If you need some welding gloves for work or home, all five of these are fine choices. Just make sure you match the gloves with your normal usage, and they’ll perform the way you want them to.

I always like to select a winner when I write one of these review articles, so for the best welding gloves, the winner is the Miller 263343 Arc Armor MIG/Stick Welding Glove.

For all-around quality materials, design, and comfort, this is one of the best pairs of welding gloves I’ve ever come across. While the price is a little higher than some of the others, this is a pair of gloves I think you’ll really enjoy using, and they should last a long while.

If you’re doing production welding, go cheap, but if you want the best welding gloves you can get, go for the Arc Armor.


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