Antra AH6-260-0000 Solar Power Auto Darkening Welding Helmet Review

When it comes to welding and metal work, you want the best gear possible. I work in a metal shop, and I have used a variety of welding helmets over the years, so I know what to look for when picking out a new model. Whether I’m doing TIG or Stick welding, I need something that can handle any job, any time.

That all being said, I recently had to replace my old helmet because it wouldn’t hold a charge anymore (even after I replaced my battery) and I would get flashed on the job. That’s when I found the Antra AH6-260 Helmet.


If you want something that is reliable, durable, and can handle almost anything you throw at it, then this is the helmet for you.

Auto Darkening Helmet

When talking about welding helmets, you can either have a fixed shade that is suitable for a narrow range of jobs, or you can have an auto-darkening model that will adjust to meet your needs all by itself. To that end, the AH6 is a superior helmet because it has one of the best auto-dimming features around.

Many cheap helmets only have two sensors to detect when you’re working. This model, however, has four sensors, which means that it will go from light to dark in a fraction of a second. Since I hate getting flashed (and it could blind me one day), I love the fact that this helmet switches so fast.

Cheater Lens Compatible

Depending on the kind of work you do, you may or may not need magnification. A lot of the cheaper models out there don’t have any room for extra lenses, which means that you’re out of luck if you need to magnify at all.

With the AH6, however, you can add most sizes of cheater lenses so that you can work much more efficiently and effectively.


  • Multiple styles and designs available
  • Great for MIG, TIG, Stick, and Plasma welding
  • Large viewing area
  • Auto-darkening feature
  • Variable shade adjustment
  • Cheater lens compatible
  • Lightweight design
  • Solar powered
  • Battery saver design
  • Durable construction


  • In rare cases, the helmet may turn off unexpectedly while working
  • In rare instances, the auto darkening feature may not function properly
  • In some cases, you may experience flashing


  • Comes in a variety of designs
  • Auto darkening means you can use it for all kinds of welding
  • Ideal for MIG/TIG/Stick/Plasma
  • Welding and Grinding function available
  • Compatible with magnifying lenses
  • Resting shade of #4
  • Variable shade adjustment of #9 to #13
  • Manual adjustment knob on exterior
  • In case of power loss, stays at #16
  • Automatic on/off functionality
  • Made of durable polyamide nylon
  • Weighs less than a pound
  • Viewing screen measures 3.78” by 1.78.”
  • Four sensors mean fast darkening
  • Solar powered battery

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Q: Are the batteries replaceable on this helmet?

A: Yes, fortunately, you can swap out the batteries without having to replace the entire helmet.

Q: What size cheater lens can you use with the helmet?

A: The lens has to measure two inches by four inches.

Q: Can you wear it with a hard hat?

A: Yes, but there are some limitations as to what size you can wear. You can adjust the headband to fit most hard hats, though.

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Final Verdict

When comparing this helmet to some of the other ones I’ve used in the past, the AH6 is one of my top picks. I love the super fast auto darkening feature, as well as the fact that I can adjust the delay and sensitivity on the fly.

The helmet is also very comfortable to wear, even with a hard hat. Overall, I have to say that this is one of the best pieces of work gear that I own, and I especially like the fact that I can choose a design that fits my style.

I would highly recommend this helmet to any professionals or amateur welders out there.

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